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About Us.

For over 20 years Fin-Wall has been the premier site services provider in Southern Alberta and still to this day, the only company that offers such a broad range of products and services.

Experience matters

In 1989 two brothers bought a wall bracing company and entered a brand new industry. With their past experience in the construction industry and a lot of hard work, they built new relationships and within 3 years they grew Fin-Wall into a thriving business. At that point, the construction industry in Calgary was booming and an oppurtunity in the market emerged, so the brothers seized it. In 1992 Fin-Wall rolled out their Portable Toilet and Temporary Fence Services, and in 1995 released Roll-Off Bins and Mobile Storage further increasing their capacity to serve the constuction industry.
Within six years of purchase, Fin-Wall had become an all inclusive services company and the only company that even today offers such comprehensive site services. After 16 years of experience and steady growth within the industry, Fin-Wall released their Front Load Dumpster Service in 2005, focusing on small business and restaurants.
More recently we introduced our recycling division that specializes in customized recycling programs for any industry and we continue to prove our dynamic recycling model as we add new ways for Fin-Wall to divert waste from the landfill and keep the Earth green in the long term. Fin-Wall is LEED certified and a member of the Green Calgary Association, an organization that encourages Calgarians to live green lives through environmental education, products and services.